Friday, March 12, 2010

Jer's Vision Speaks to Grade 8's at Ceaderview

Jer's Vision got the opportunity to speak to over 100 grade 8 students at Ceaderview Middle School. Thanks to Corinne Morgan & Principal Catherine Donnelly for setting up the event.

Here is some of the student feedback:

"thanks a ton for coming to Ceaderview, when I first heard we were having the assembly I was kinda against it cause I thought the boys in my class would use it as an excuse to make fun of homosexuals, but they thoughts you were amazing! I am glad that someone could finally talk a bit of sense into them :)" -Julia

"thank you so much for coming to Ceaderview! your speach was amazing! everyone at Ceaderview appreciated it very much!!!" -Emily

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for coming to Cedarview, Jer. Your speech was truly inspiring and I really enjoyed listening to your high school story. I am definitely wearing pink on April 14 (I do every year :)), and I will try to attend the gala.