Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visionary of The Week: Adam Chenard

Adam Chenard is a 21 year old student attending Carleton University studying to become a high school teacher. Adam has been an active member of the Jer's Vision since August 2009. He joined the team after hearing an inspirational speech made by Jeremy that truely motivated him. Adam says he joined Jer's Vision as a way to help people going through the same issues he faced and to inspire youth to make a change.

Growing up in a very traditional town people werent very accepting of Adam being openly gay, because of this he was often bullied at school. He explains that he wants to help people going through the same situation he was. " I know people who are struggling with coming out and I want to help and be there for them, inspire them to be proud of who they are." His most cherished moment working with Jer's Vision was when he had the opportunity to give a presentation at his old high school. " I liked the response I recieved from the student body surrounding GLBTQ issues. Students actually came to me admitting that they were that bully." This was a very fulfilling moment for him. He hopes to continue making a difference and encourages other people to get involved and be proud.

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