Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Visionary of The Week: Catalina

Catalina worked for Jer’s Vision during the summer as a Co-op student. She did various things to help out like making hand- made thank you cards and panting portraits of people who have done amazing things including David Suzuki, Alex Munter, Jane Rule, Ken Coolen, and Stephen Lewis. These portraits will be on display with twelve other paintings at the Elgin Street Bridge Head from August 16th to 31st. Catalina is also helping out with the International Day of Pink. She says one of the coolest things she’s done is a 30 hour famine with her school.

She says that one of the most impactful things she does is right in her own community. When she was younger she would see elderly people selling poppies door to door in the cold. Since that day Catalina has volunteered at the legion selling poppies every November. “The elderly are so gracious and happy for my help, it’s a great feeling.” She explains. The funds from the poppies go towards care facilities and medical research. Catalina thinks that it’s an amazing feeling to help out in your community.

I think that this project is great because it applauds people who have done great things. It also tells the stories of different people, opening people’s eyes to diversity. She explains how it feels to help someone: “The feeling you obtain when you help someone is great, it’s like nothing else. When you do the tiniest thing it has a huge impact on that person’s day even if it’s just saying hello or returning a dropped item” .

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