Friday, September 3, 2010

Luminata- Sept. 9th

Luminata is a celebration of visual, musical and performing arts; that will gather creative, artistic and festive students and community members on a playground of lights, graffiti and music.

Right in the heart of our urban campus, on the street behind Café Nostalgica. This event will not only be a first in regards to its collaboration, but also through its atmosphere and concept, which will gather a vast diversity of entertainment and art forms.

The event will be an open site for all to join. There will be two closed off, licensed areas for the 19+ students. The entertainment will gather different art forms that will include several local artists, which will include:
• Circus performers – Lucent Dossier Experience:
• Graffiti Artists - from House of Paint (Ottawa community):
• Drag show - Jer’s Vision & the Pride Center:
• Visual Arts – SAFA:
• Bands
o Mother Mother –
o Allie Hughes -
o Antoine Gratton –
o Brad Morden & the Magic Beans
• DJs (including DJ brains4breakfast)

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