Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comment from a Mom

Dear Jer’s Vision,

My 17 year-old, Grade 12, daughter just came home from school and spoke admiringly of Jeremy and his presentation at Dartmouth High School this afternoon. You made a great impression on my daughter, who...didn’t actually need any enlightenment at to the reality of discrimination. I hope the ears that really needed to hear his message heard it...and will start thinking about their attitudes AND their actions.

I am just writing to say thank-you for spreading your important message and for having both the vulnerability, but more so, the strength to share your story. My daughter and I are impressed by your choice to use settlement funds to start this organization. I am saddened to know that this type of despicable behavior is still happening in our schools but heartened to know that your organization is working to be the change in our troubled world.

Keep up the great work,

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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